Dinosaur Montessori Inspired Activities and Printables

Preschool Activity Prefilled Planner has inspired me to create learning activity packs for children that are centered around topics children often find fascinating. The very first pack that I designed introduces preschool and kindergarten-aged children to the world of prehistoric creatures – dinosaurs. 

This pack provides many opportunities for hands-on learning with materials many have at hand.

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Children can practice capital and lower case letter formation(cursive and print) along with building letters using loose parts (natural objects, craft materials like pom-poms, glass decor) and playdough.

There are five letter activities that are accompanied by do-a-dot worksheets included in the pack (d, e, v, b, f). These are great for doing fine motor exercises which prepare children for writing. Children will also practice syllable counting in corresponding words.

Laminate cards if you wish for your students to trace and reuse these letter formation cards.

I love using Velcro hooks and loops to add a little extra challenge for little fingers or help to secure small cards when working with activities like this one for matching letters. 

If you have moveable alphabet letters or magnetic ones, you can easily incorporate those with this exercise – invite the student to build the word or find the matching letters and then trace the word below. 

I worked really hard to incorporate the editable name, last name, and phone number building cards. Print or cursive – choose your style. It will be even more fun if you place those cards on a whiteboard and invite the child to use magnetic numbers and letters to complete the tasks.

Sensory trays are so engaging for little ones. This is another way to get those little fingers to practice pencil grip – a dinosaur matching activity. Children match the dinosaur 2-D image with the corresponding skeleton. This is fun both with the dry beans and paintbrush or just on its own. 

Logical thinking and concentration – are skills that children perfect with the help of sorting and matching activities. Here children will sort dinosaur cards and fossils. 

Children will also recognize many of their favorites when working with the types of dinosaurs matching cards. Those sets can be used in many different ways, including memory games if printed twice. You can also cut each card in half to make puzzles or exercises for matching halves. 

Each pack that accompanies monthly preschool prefilled planners, contains math hands-on activities. Use craft sticks, q-tips, or string (for round shapes) to invite the child to build shapes and count how many sides each of them has.  Number cards are great for one-to-one correspondence and for giving those little hands a good workout when counting and punching holes using a hole puncher or those cute shape punchers. 

Playdough mats with dinosaur fossils can also be used to color bones with crayons or paints. Life cycle activities can be very handy to have on your shelf as they help to build vocabulary, develop narrating and storytelling skills, help students learn to sequence events and actions and to learn to group their thoughts.


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Preschool and Kindergarten Dinosaur Pack “I am a Paleontologist”


This Dinosaur activity pack is designed to provide a wide range of hands-on learning experiences for preschool children aged 3-5. With a focus on developing essential skills in literacy, numeracy, and fine motor control, this pack is perfect for preschool teachers and parents looking to create engaging and interactive learning experiences.

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