Two children engaged in nature play, examining a butterfly through a magnifying glass.

The Many Benefits of Learning in Nature

“There must be provision for the child to have contact with nature; to understand and appreciate the order, the harmony and the beauty in nature”. Maria Montessori Nature offers infinite

A young boy fearlessly climbing on a tree branch, engaging in nature play and embracing the thrill of risk-taking.

Risk-taking in Play and Everyday Life for Children

Parenthood means to protect young ones from injuries and pain but it is distressing feelings that help children learn about their surrounding environment. Youngsters need to explore and learning of

A collection of pictures of a forest journal with a magnifying glass.

Forest Cards and Nature Journaling

Nature has always been an important part of my life, ever since I was a child, and this was one of the things I wanted to share with my children.

A showcase of autumn leaves, flowers, and leaf printables for learning about leaves in a Montessori nature setting.

Learning about Leaves with Leaf Printables

Autumn is such a wonderful season, and the best one to observe nature’s transformation. The days grow colder and darker, the animals gather food and prepare for winter, and the

Art in nature with children homeschool montessori nature (1)

Art with Nature – Creative Nature Hunt for Kids

Preschool children have so many opportunities to learn simultaneously while playing outdoors. Nature provides us with endless inspiration to have fun and educational experiences and activities. It is a wonderful

In the winter outdoors, a little girl is holding a snowball in the snow.

Outdoor Winter Activities For Kids

People often say that it can be challenging in winter to encourage children to go out and enjoy the outdoors in cold weather. Growing up in Siberia, where snow covers

Outdoor learning activities round up montessori nature hands on (7)

Outdoor Learning Activities with Free Printables

Outdoor learning activities and games are trendy among children, especially during the summer holidays. Children benefit a great deal from spending time outside exploring and adventuring in the green outdoors.