I Have, Who Has Game Verbs Action Cards

These I Have, Who Has with verbs and action cards are great for K – Grade 2 students. The non-competitive game with verbs and clipart helps reinforce identifying and reading action words in a fun and engaging way.

Here is what’s included:

  • I Have Who Has colored cards x 33
  • I Have Who Has blackline cards x 33
  • Answer keys
  • Instructions

Age: Preschool ages 5 – 7 years

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Subjects and uses in the classroom: Language Centers, Language Work, Small Group Activities, Action Words, ESL Activities

How to use this resource:

Print, cut out cards and laminate.
Present the cards to the students first to make sure they are familiar with all the sounds and can name all the pictures in the game.

Distribute cards amongst the students.
Please note you need all cards to play.
If you have extras – distribute them to the students who have mastered the objective of the set.

The student who has the first card starts the game and reads his card.
When the student hears her verb, she then reads her card.
Play continues until the last card is read.

This game can be used as a partner game, small group play, or as an individual activity.
The student places all cards on the table and reads the first card. After reading the card, the student turns it and moves to the next until the last card is read.

Refer to the Answer key if you need to follow the sequence of the game and in case the students lose track.

Use the line art version if you would like your students to customize the game by coloring images and letters.

I Have Who Has Verbs Action Cards Montessori Nature Printable Game Language

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