I Have Who Has Math Game Fractions


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Fractions I Have, Who Has? Game – Math Center Activity for K-Grade 1 Students
Get your students excited about fractions with this engaging and interactive “I Have, Who Has?” game! This printable is designed for kindergarten and grade 1 students and is perfect for reviewing fractions in a fun and challenging way.

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Key Features:

* 32 cards with fractions, including pie charts and labels
* 32 cards with fractions, including pie charts only
* Instructions and recommendations for use
* Answer key included


* Transition activity to reinforce understanding of fractions
* Math center activity to challenge students individually or in small groups
* Partner activity to promote peer-to-peer learning
* Follow-up activity after teaching or revisiting fractions


* Develops understanding of fractions and their representations (pie charts)
* Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills
* Enhances math fluency and accuracy
* Supports differentiated instruction for diverse learners

Why you’ll love this resource:

* Easy to prepare and implement
* Versatile and adaptable to various learning environments
* Perfect for math centers, small group instruction, or whole-class activities

Skills Assessed:

* Understanding of fractions and their representations (pie charts)
* Critical thinking and problem-solving skills
* Math fluency and accuracy

**Grades:** K-Grade 1



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