Classroom Setup Bootcamp for Early Childhood and Elementary Educators

The Classroom Setup Bootcamp is a structured, step-by-step program to help you tackle all of the back-end tasks that need to be addressed and systems that need to be set up in your classroom before school starts. The course consists of pre-recorded videos that you can watch at your convenience. Also included are a wide range of downloadable forms, checklists and templates to adapt to your needs.

Registrations for 3-6 and Elementary Classroom Setup Bootcamps will re-open on 24th July, 2023.

Whether you are a beginning teacher straight out of training, or you have a few decades of experience under your belt, there is something in this course for you.

The course is designed to work within the parameters of any training, so don’t worry if you have AMS, AMI, NAMC, MCI, or some other credential! This course is best for professionals who will be working in a Montessori 3-6 classroom setting or with Elementary students.

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Please note that the bootcamps are not recommended for homeschoolers or other levels.

The course covers topics including:

  • Setting up a teacher workstation
  • Creating an assistant training plan
  • Creating classroom routines and procedures
  • Designing a parent relations plan
  • Creating shelf maps and a floor plan
  • Setting up record keeping
  • Setting up shelves and storage for all curriculum areas
  • Making a materials rotation plan
  • Working on the design features and aesthetics of your environment
  • Preparing the classroom for new students
  • Creating a plan for the first weeks

A 40-hour certificate is provided upon submission of a completed portfolio. Participants are eligible for a CEU upgrade from Loyola University ASPIRE for an additional fee.

About the Author of the 3-6 Classroom Setup Bootcamp

Seemi holds an Early Childhood credential from AMS and a M.Ed. from Harvard University. She has been in Montessori for over two decades, as a 3-6 teacher, school administrator, and school owner. She is the founder and owner of
Seemi is the main instructor for this course.

Classroom Setup Bootcamp, a 21 day intensive for Montessori Early Childhood Professionals, is important for teachers for several reasons:

  1. Optimal classroom environment: The bootcamp helps teachers create an optimal classroom environment that aligns with Montessori principles. This helps to create an environment that is conducive to learning and encourages children to explore and discover.
  2. Time-saving: Often, teachers have limited time to set up their classrooms, and so they need to make the most of the little time that they have. The bootcamp provides practical strategies and techniques for setting up a classroom quickly and efficiently.
  3. Enhance teaching skills: The bootcamp provides teachers with an opportunity to enhance their teaching skills and knowledge. This helps to improve their ability to teach in a way that is engaging and effective, leading to better outcomes for the children.
  4. Professional growth: As teachers participate in the 21-day bootcamp, they will also have the opportunity to network with other professionals, share experiences, and learn from others. This can lead to new ideas, collaborations, and increased opportunities for professional growth.
  5. Better engagement with parents: The bootcamp also provides teachers with tips on how to better engage with parents. This helps to build stronger relationships with parents, which is essential for a successful teaching experience.

About the Author of the Elementary Classroom Planning Bootcamp

Letty Rising has been involved in Montessori education for over 15 years. She holds a B.A. in Sociology, a California State Teaching Credential, and an AMI elementary diploma for ages 6-12 and an M.Ed from Loyola University in Maryland.

Elementary Classroom Planning Bootcamp A 20-Day Intensive for Montessori Elementary Guides is important for teachers because it allows them to gain the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively plan and manage their classrooms. In today’s rapidly changing educational landscape, it is essential for teachers to continually evolve their teaching strategies and practices to create more engaging and effective learning environments for their students.

This bootcamp provides an intensive and focused approach to the planning process that helps teachers to identify and address the needs of individual students, create clear learning objectives and goals, develop effective lesson plans, and incorporate a range of teaching strategies that cater to different learning styles and abilities. Additionally, the boot camp helps teachers to better communicate with parents, colleagues, and administrators, and to establish a positive and productive classroom culture.

Overall, the bootcamp helps teachers to become more confident, competent, and effective in their roles, which ultimately leads to better educational outcomes for their students.

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About Anastasia - Anastasia is an early childhood teacher and the founder of Montessori Nature - a blog about Montessori living and learning and nature-based explorations. With many years of experience working in a Montessori environment and homeschooling her children, she directed her passion for all things Montessori and nature into creating educational resources. You can learn more here and browse her printables on Teachers Pay Teachers.

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