Types of Seashells and Starfish 3 Part Cards


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Shelling is one of the most relaxing and satisfying activities children can do outdoors. Their concentration as they are picking and examining each shell can last for hours. This printable contains 32 different types of shells and 2 starfish commonly found on the seashore around the world. I specifically looked to include shells that also match store-bought figures and seashell sets.


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Three-part cards with some of the most commonly found seashells and two starfish types – 34 in total.
Vocabulary included in the printable: pear whelk, turban, nautilus, sand dollar, tuba, lion’s paw, lace murex, tiger cowrie, inscriptus cone, scotch bonnet, king’s crown, strawberry conch, cockle, calico scallop, pecten, banded tulip, trochus,  turbo, scorpion conch, American auger, shark eye, Pacific blood star, horned sea star, nutmeg, oyster, apple murex, Atlantic bubble, ark, true tulip, Cabrit’s murex, keyhole limpet,  faux, marginella, and the white spindle.
18 pages
Please note, this printable is also included in the Summer Pack


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