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Sorting Activity: Natural and Artificial African Landmarks
Take your students on an exciting adventure across Africa with this interactive sorting activity! This printable pack includes everything you need to help your students learn and distinguish between natural and artificial African landmarks. Perfect for social studies and geography classes, this resource is sure to spark curiosity and learning.

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What’s Included:

* 2 label cards for students to categorize their findings
* 2 definition cards explaining the difference between natural and artificial landmarks
* 10 cards featuring natural landmarks in Africa
* 10 cards featuring artificial landmarks in Africa

Learning Objectives:

* Identify and understand the differences between natural and artificial landmarks
* Develop critical thinking skills through categorization and classification
* Learn about the geography and cultures of Africa

How to Use:

1. Print out the materials on cardstock or paper.
2. Cut out the cards and laminate for durability.
3. Shuffle the cards and distribute them among your students.
4. Have students match the natural and artificial landmarks on the cards with their corresponding labels.
5. Use the definition cards to review the concepts with your class.

**Grade Level:** K – Grade 1


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