Asia Hands-on Activities


Asia Montessori-inspired printable set filled with hands-on skill reinforcement activities for preschool and kindergarten students – fine motor, cutting, push pinning, tracing.

Here is what’s included:

Animals of Asia pin poking and tracing exercise (11 animals)
Animals of Asia coloring and tracing exercise (11 animals)
Animals of Asia cutting strips (one page)
Color matching clip cards with flags of Asian countries (12 cards)
Silhouette matching clip cards with animals of Asia (8 cards)
Matching quantity to numerals clip cards with Indian themed clipart (8 cards)
Shape matching clip cards with Chinese dragon boats (8 cards)
Lacing cards with the map of Asia and Asia themed clipart images (6 cards)
Introduction to Asia (4 picture posters and label cards)
Sorting activity: vertebrate vs. invertebrate animals of Asia (2 x label cards, 10 x animal cards per category, and a control card).

35 pages

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