All About Gemstones Pack


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Introduce your young learners to the world of gemstones with this comprehensive and engaging resource! This printable pack is perfect for preschool and lower elementary students to learn about and identify 12 precious gems, including their birthstones. The colorful and interactive activities are designed to promote learning, tracing, and handwriting skills.

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* Information poster on “What is a Gemstone?”
* Poster, sequencing activity, and blackline printout on “Where Gemstones Come From”
* Two working mats with 12 different types of gemstones (crystals) for hands-on exploration
* 12 picture cards and 12 label cards with gemstones (turquoise, garnet, amethyst, aquamarine, diamond, emerald, pearl, ruby, peridot, sapphire, opal, topaz)
* “My Book of Birthstones” student booklet for personalized learning
* Birthstone wheel for interactive learning
* Gemstones tracing and coloring – handwriting blackline sheets for fine motor skills
* Poster and matching cards with 10 types of gemstones (clipart)


* Develops fine motor skills through tracing and coloring activities
* Enhances vocabulary and knowledge about gemstones
* Fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills through sequencing and matching activities
* Encourages creativity and self-expression through coloring and drawing

Grade Level:

Preschool to Lower Elementary (ages 3-7)



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