Grassland Biome | Nature Curriculum in Cards


The Grassland Biome is a learning set containing 3-part cards, description cards, information posters, and research worksheets for students to learn about temperate and tropical grassland biomes.  Students will learn about the main characteristics of this ecosystem, animal and plant adaptations.

The printable features photographic images.
 The Grassland Biome Printable includes:
Information cards:  The Grasslands, The Temperate Grasslands, The Tropical Grasslands
3-part cards: 6 Animals of the Temperate Grasslands, 6 Plants of Temperate Grasslands, 6 Regions of the Temperate Grasslands, 6 Animals of the Tropical Grasslands, 6 Plants of Tropical Grasslands, 6 Regions of the Tropical Grasslands
Reading practice: Characteristics of the Temperate and Tropical Grasslands, Animal and Plant Adaptations (6 for each type of the grassland)
Sorting Activity: Omnivores, Herbivores, and Carnivores Animals of the Savanna (7 animals for each category, self-check letter size card, label cards, and definition cards)
The Grassland Biome Research student worksheets
Animal and Plant research worksheets
48 pages

This printable is included in the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series Bundle

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