Food Chains and Food Webs of Biomes | Nature Curriculum in Cards


Food chain and food web hands-on activities. The students will learn about the energy flow in the natural world, main parts of the food chain, energy flow pyramid and food chains and food webs of each of the eight major biomes.

The printable features realistic looking black and white line images, photographs, watercolor clipart.
  The Food Web and Food Chain printable includes:
Information posters:  Food chain and Food Web
Definition cards: Parts of the food chain and food web;
Sorting cards: Producers, consumers and decomposers ( 3 x label cards; 3 x definition cards; 21 picture cards; 1 x key answer sheet)
Food Chain Puzzle and student worksheet
Food Webs and Food Chains of eight major biomes (desert, taiga, tundra, grasslands, wetlands, deciduous forest, rainforest, ocean) – sorting, matching and colouring sheets
Energy flow pyramid sorting activity with a poster sheet and black and white line student worksheet

This printable is included in the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series Bundle.

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