Plants, Animals and Fungi Sorting


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This printable is a part of theĀ Nature Curriculum in CardsĀ series

Sorting and classifying activity with plants, animals, and fungi.
The printable features photographic cards for sorting and clipart for “cut, color, and sort” activity.

13 pages


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The printable contains:
3 mats for sorting
PLANTS (aloe vera, sunflower, bamboo, cactus, tulip, tree) ANIMALS (sea star, lizard, puffin, orca, tapir, tarantula) FUNGI (morel, fly agaric, champignons, chanterelles, milkcap, pink oysters)
6 animal cards, 6 plant cards and 6 fungi cards with labels
6 animal cards, 6 plant cards and 6 fungi picture cards
student printouts for sorting with black and white clipart images
This printable is a part of the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series. 


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