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This Montessori printable sorting and classifying activity is designed to help your students develop their critical thinking and sorting skills while exploring the fascinating world of plants, animals, and fungi.

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This engaging activity includes:

**Photographic Cards for Sorting**: Help your students develop their observation skills with 6 plant cards, 6 animal cards, and 6 fungi cards featuring real-life images.

**Clipart for “Cut, Color and Sort” Activity**: Provide an additional level of engagement with 6 plant cards, 6 animal cards, and 6 fungi cards featuring black and white clipart images for students to cut out and color.

**3 Mats for Sorting**: Include three mats for sorting plants, animals, and fungi, perfect for hands-on learning and independent work.

**Ideal for:** Montessori classrooms, science classrooms, or homeschooling environments. Suitable for students aged 4-6 years old.

Key Skills:

* Sorting and classifying
* Observation and critical thinking
* Science and nature exploration
* Fine motor skills (cutting and coloring)

**Perfect for:** Teachers, homeschoolers, parents, and educators looking to engage their students in hands-on learning experiences that promote critical thinking and scientific exploration.


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