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This interactive Parts of the Leaf printable can be a helpful resource for preschool and kindergarten students learning about spring and summer units and gardening. This hands-on activity includes 3-part cards, handwriting sheets, and clipart to engage young learners. Help children identify parts of the leaf such as the petiole, blade, and midrib vein with colorful control cards and definition cards. The printouts feature black and white clipart for coloring, print and cursive tracing fonts for handwriting practice.


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Here is what’s included:
work mat with 8 control cards with parts of the leaf (leaf, petiole, blade, midrib vein, side veins, stipules, margin, apex)
work mat with definition cards
8 picture and 8 label cards
student printouts with black and white clipart, print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for coloring and practicing handwriting.
This printable can support students’ learning by helping them understand and identify the different parts of a leaf through a hands-on activity. By using the 3-part card activity, students can match the picture card, label card, and definition card to help reinforce their understanding. The handwriting sheets also provide an opportunity for students to practice their fine motor skills and writing skills by tracing the different parts of the leaf in both print and cursive fonts.

In the classroom, this printable can be used as part of a Spring or Summer unit focusing on gardening. Teachers can introduce the parts of a leaf using the control cards and definition cards on the work mat, and then have students match the picture and label cards to further reinforce their learning. The handwriting sheets can be used for independent practice or as a literacy center activity.
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