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This Transportation printable pack includes Montessori-inspired hands-on activities to engage young minds and help them learn about different types of transportation. With 3 part Montessori cards featuring 31 types of vehicles, a student booklet for interactive learning, and counting syllables exercises, your students will have fun while developing important skills. The pack also includes Parts of an Airplane 3 part cards, a Parts of an Airplane poster, and a My Parts of an Airplane Book for a deeper understanding of aviation. Students will enjoy sorting vehicles by land, sea, and air, practicing one-to-one correspondence and basic math skills with addition and subtraction mats, and completing activities in the Student’s Busy Book. This Transportation Unit is perfect for preschool classrooms aged 3-5 and is sure to make learning about transportation an exciting and educational experience!

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Here is what’s included:

  • 3 part cards with different types of transportation (31 types of vehicles)
  • Student booklet printout
  • Counting syllables (5 examples for each category)
  • Parts of an airplane 3 part cards (definition cards included) with 9 different parts
  • My parts of an airplane book black and white line
  • Parts of an airplane poster
  • Sorting vehicles that travel by land, by sea, by air (5 examples for each category)
  • One-to-one correspondence, counting 1-10
  • Simple addition and substruction mats
  • Student’s Busy Book with counting, rewriting activities, shadow matching, coloring and tracing (print and cursive)

80 pages

This printable pack can support students’ learning in the classroom by providing hands-on and engaging activities related to transportation. The 3 Part Montessori Cards can help students identify and classify different types of vehicles, while the Counting syllables activity can improve their phonological awareness.

The Parts of an Airplane 3 Part Cards and booklet can help students learn about the different parts of an airplane, while the sorting activity can reinforce their understanding of how vehicles are categorized based on their mode of transport. The addition and subtraction mats can also help students practice their math skills in a fun and interactive way.

The Student’s Busy Book offers a variety of activities that cater to different learning styles, including counting, matching, coloring, and tracing. Overall, this printable pack provides a comprehensive and hands-on approach to teaching about transportation, making it an effective resource for preschoolers in the classroom.


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