Transportation Pack


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This resource contains Transportation Unit with Montessori-inspired hands-on engaging activities for preschoolers.


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Here is what’s included:

  • 3 part cards with different types of transportation (31 types of vehicles)
  • Student booklet printout
  • Counting syllables (5 examples for each category)
  • Parts of an airplane 3 part cards (definition cards included) with 9 different parts
  • My parts of an airplane book black and white line
  • Parts of an airplane poster
  • Sorting vehicles that travel by land, by sea, by air (5 examples for each category)
  • One-to-one correspondence, counting 1-10
  • Simple addition and substruction mats
  • Student’s Busy Book with counting, rewriting activities, shadow matching, coloring and tracing (print and cursive)

80 pages


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