Parts of the Rabbit 3 Part Cards and B&W Booklet


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This resource with Parts of the Rabbit nomenclature cards is great for teaching in a Montessori classroom. Three-part cards feature colorful clipart images. Student booklet with blackline images and three different options for labeling with tracing and cursive fonts and blank for practicing independent writing.
Please note, this product is also a part of Seasonal Hands-On Activities for Montessori 3-6 Classroom Bundle and Spring Pack Hands-on Montessori Inspired Activities. If you have purchased the money-saving bundle or the pack, you don’t need to purchase this printable as well!


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Parts of the Rabbit Three-Part Cards and Student Booklet with cursive, print for tracing and blank for independent writing. Part of the body included: torso, hind leg, foreleg, eye, nose, whiskers, feet, head, ears, tail. Features clipart.

11 x 3 part cards
3 x student booklets (cursive tracing, print tracing, and lines for independent writing).
13 pages


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