Deciduous Forest Animals Plants Facts Biome Pack


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Immerse your students in the fascinating world of the Deciduous Forest Biome with this comprehensive printable learning set! This engaging resource is designed for Montessori students to learn about the temperate deciduous forest ecosystem, its characteristics, and the adaptations of animals and plants.

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* 3-part cards featuring 12 animals and 6 plants native to the temperate deciduous forest
* Information cards covering the deciduous forest biome, its location, layers, and regions
* Reading practice passages highlighting the characteristics of the deciduous forest biome and animal and plant adaptations
* Sorting cards to help students categorize animals and plants
* Matching cards and poster to identify 12 types of deciduous trees
* Research worksheets for students to complete their learning journey

Photographic Images:

This printable features stunning photographic images of the deciduous forest biome, allowing students to visualize the concepts they’re learning.

Key Skills:

* Understanding of the deciduous forest biome and its characteristics
* Recognition of animal and plant adaptations
* Classification and categorization skills
* Research and critical thinking skills
* Environmental awareness and appreciation

Grade Level: K-5


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