Animal Pollinators 3-Part Cards Information Chart


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Enhance your science lessons with this comprehensive Animal Pollinators printable, perfect for Montessori classrooms and students aged 3-6!

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Key Features:

* 14 three-part cards featuring animal pollinators, including honey bee, bumblebee, hoverfly, bee fly, solitary bee, butterfly, beetle, wasps, mosquito, ant, moth, bird, bat, and ruffed lemur
* 14 definition cards providing detailed information about each animal pollinator
* Letter size Pollination card and student printout for easy reference
* Great for Insect, Pollination, or Plant Life Cycle Units


* Develops critical thinking and vocabulary skills through the use of three-part cards
* Encourages students to learn about the importance of animal pollinators in plant life cycles
* Perfect for Montessori classrooms and students aged 3-6


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