Africa Vocabulary 3 Part Cards


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Are you looking for a fun and interactive way to teach new vocabulary and develop reading, writing, and classification skills in your classroom? This printable set of three-part cards features African wildlife vocabulary and is designed for use in bilingual or multilingual classrooms

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The set includes:

* 40 picture + label cards
* 40 picture cards
* 40 label cards
* 8 pages for tracing
* Instructions

The cards are designed to be used in a variety of ways, including:

* Vocabulary wall displays
* Display cards
* Memory games
* Matching activities
* In combination with moveable alphabet

The cards are easily editable in PowerPoint format, allowing you to translate them into any language and customize the font style and size. Simply download the PDF file and follow the instructions to get started!

**Card Dimensions:**

* Label and picture card: 12×9.3cm or 4.7″x3.6″
* Picture card: 8.9×9.3 cm or 3.5″x3.6″
* Label card: 2.9×9.5 cm or 1.1″x3.6″

**Vocabulary Featured:**

This set covers a range of African wildlife vocabulary, including:

* Animals: baboon, cape buffalo, cheetah, crocodile, dung beetle, elephant, gazelle, giraffe, hartbeest, hippopotamus, hyena, leopard, lion, mongoose, oryx, ostrich, rhinoceros
* Landmarks: Sahara Desert, Nile River, Mount Kilimanjaro
* Cultural references: Maasai tribe, pyramids
* Natural phenomena: Great Migration

This product is perfect for teachers of ESL/EFL students as well as bilingual/multilingual classrooms looking to incorporate interactive vocabulary building activities into their lesson plans.


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