Types of Flowers Pack


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Enhance your biology or botany lesson with this comprehensive set of three-part and description cards featuring eighteen different flowering plants. Each card includes a detailed image of a commonly known flower, perfect for teaching students to identify and appreciate the diversity of plant life. This printable is a valuable resource for classroom use or homeschooling, helping to engage students in hands-on learning. Ideal for primary, elementary and middle school grades.

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The printable features isolated images of lotus, sunflower, pansy, orchid, tulip, rose, blue plumbago, calla lily, carnation, dahlia, daisy, bird of paradise, iris, lily, magnolia, narcissus, petunia, poppy.
Here is what’s included:
3 x mats with 6 types of flowers each
6 x mats with flower descriptions
18 x picture cards and 18 x label cards
2 x flower posters (with and without labels)
cutting strips
handwriting worksheets with black and white clipart with cursive, print for tracing and one set of independent writing
coloring A4 pages for each individual flower.

This printable can support students’ learning in the classroom by helping them familiarize themselves with different types of flowering plants. By using the three-part and description cards, students can practice matching the image of the flower with its name and description, helping them to strengthen their recognition and vocabulary skills. Additionally, this printable can be used as a visual aid during science lessons on plant life or discussions about the diversity of flowers in nature. It also provides a hands-on and interactive way for students to engage with the material and deepen their understanding of the topic. This printable can be a useful tool for engaging students in learning about the variety of flowering plants found in the world.

NB This printable is also included in the money-saving bundle – Nature Curriculum in Cards Series Bundle. If you have purchased the bundle in the past, you don’t need to purchase this printable as well.



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