Types of Flowers Parts of Red Poppy


Three-part and description cards with eighteen different flowering plants. The printable features isolated images of commonly known flowers such as lotus, sunflower, pansy, orchid, tulip, rose, blue plumbago, calla lily, carnation, dahlia, daisy, bird of paradise, iris, lily, magnolia, narcissus, petunia, poppy.

57 pages

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The Types of Flowers printable includes:
three mats with six types of flowers each
six mats with flower descriptions
18 picture cards and 18 label cards
two flower posters (with and without labels)
cutting strips
handwriting worksheets (feature black and white clipart) with cursive, print for tracing and one set of independent writing
coloring A4 pages for each individual flower

Bonus (also available for free at montessorinature.com Resource Library)

Poppy life cycle poster
Poppy life cycle 3 part cards
Poppy life cycle coloring, cutting, and pasting worksheet
Poppy life cycle tracing strips
Parts of the Red Poppy poster
Parts of the Red Poppy poster minus labels
Parts of the Red Poppy labels
Parts of the Red Poppy tracing

This printable is included in the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series Bundle



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