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Our Primates Printables set includes 3-part and information cards for an object-to-picture matching activity using Safari TOOB figurines. These cards are a fun and interactive way to help children learn about different species of primates while improving their language skills.
These printables are designed to be used in preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 classrooms and are a great additional resource when learning about primates. They can be used in small group instruction, centers, or as a whole group activity. Not only do they help children learn about primates, but they also help improve their attention to detail, memory, and cognitive skills.

This printable complements the Primates Toob . aff link
The types of primates featured in the set are – indri, Japanese macaque,  howler monkey, common marmoset, red-handed tamarin, emperor tamarin, proboscis monkey, bonobo, lar gibbon, silvery gibbon.

Three-part cards and information cards are useful tools for a Safari Toob figurine object-to-picture matching activity. Three-part cards have a picture on one card, the name of the object on another card, and a card with the picture and name together. This helps children to learn and identify objects while improving vocabulary and memory skills. Information cards provide details about the objects, enriching the educational experience. Incorporating these cards with Safari Toob figurines provides a fun and engaging way for children to learn about the world around them.

There are two files included:
1) PDF file in English with
control cards
picture cards
label cards
information cards

2) Editable PowerPoint file. You can edit text and translate it into any language. Create your bilingual/multilingual cards, change font style and size, etc.

Please ensure you have PowerPoint installed on your device. Alternatively, upload the file to Google Slides, translate and customize it to use in any language, save, download and print.

There are many various ways you can use this resource in your classroom:

match with the toys
vocabulary wall
display cards
memory game
matching activity
3 part cards
in combination with the moveable alphabet

Cards measure approximately:
control cards: 9.15 x 9 cm or 3.6″x3.5″
picture cards: 6.7 × 9 cm or 2.6″x3.5″
label cards: 3 × 9 cm or 1″x3.5″
information cards: 9.15 x 9 cm or 3.6″x3.5″

The printable is suitable for children aged 3-6.


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