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  • Christmas Pack Learning Busy Book Folder Preschool Kindergarten Montessori Nature Printables

    Christmas Pack Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Folder Busy Book

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    Christmas-themed learning  activity pack for Pre-K, Preschool, and Kindergarten children aged 3-5. The Christmas learning folder contains printables to create a wide range of hands-on experiences for young children. Students will explore various math concepts, such as odd and even numbers, work with CVC words, practice simple subtraction and addition operations, explore the First Christmas Story, work on sequencing skills, improve their fine motor, work on storytelling, develop logical thinking, and so much more.

  • Star Life Cycle 3 Part Cards Poster Information Cards Student Booklet Montessori nature.

    Star Life Cycle 3 Part Cards Poster Information Cards Student Booklet Montessori

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    Montessori-inspired Cosmic Education resource has everything you need to teach about Star Life Cycle. This printable contains 3-part cards, description cards, a student booklet with blackline art for independent writing and tracing, and two types of posters. This resource would be a great addition to your Space Unit materials and complementary work when presenting the First Great lesson to lower elementary students.

  • Christmas in Australia Preschool Learning Activities Montessori Nature Cursive Printable

    Christmas in Australia Cursive Preschool Pack

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    This Preschool Christmas in Australia Pack with learning printables is great for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with clipart and photographs to create hands-on Australia and Christmas Around The World themed activities for your students.

  • Pine tree life cycle anatomy montessori nature printable

    Parts of Pine Tree Life Cycle

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    This Pine Tree Pack with learning printables is great for preschool and kindergarten children. Use this resource with clear true-to-life images and photographs to create hands-on coniferous tree activities for your students or for exploring taiga trees and preparing work for your Christmas and Winter units in the classroom.

  • Chritmas busy book with tracing and fine motor activities

    No Prep Preschool Christmas & Winter Holidays Tracing Pre-Writing Math Busy Book

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    Winter Holidays and Christmas 83-page busy book for preschool-aged children that requires no preparation. Print, laminate, or insert in the durable plastic sleeves and it is good to go. Your students will exercise fine motor skills, tracing, logical thinking, counting, subtraction, and addition. These exercise worksheets are engaging and fun even for most stubborn children who normally refuse to pick up a pencil.


  • Silent Night Nativity 3 Part Cards

    Silent Night – Safari Toob 3 Part Cards – Editable

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    The printable features watercolor images.

    Images included in the printable – Nativity, Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, shepherd, camel, sheep, cow, donkey,   Balthazar, Melchior, Gaspar.

  • Pin Punching Winter themed

    Winter Pin Punching Cards

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    Montessori Winter-themed cards for pin punching. This activity assists fine motor development and helps children gain small muscle control of the hand for future writing.

  • 60 DIY Coloring Cards

    60 DIY Coloring Cards

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    60 DIY coloring cards for adults and children.

  • Photo booth props and DIY Christmas Cards

    Christmas Printable Cards and Photo Booth Props

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    DIY Wishing you a Montessori Christmas and Happy Holidays cards – personalized photo printable cards.

  • Peace Around the World - Multicultural Printable in art.
  • Christmas Themed Knobless Cylinder Extensions

    Christmas Themed Knobless Cylinder Extensions

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    Montessori Christmas themed knobless cylinder extension cards provide children with an opportunity to engage in hands-on learning while developing their fine motor skills, shape recognition, spatial awareness, and problem-solving abilities. These cards offer a festive and fun way for children to explore and manipulate the wooden cylinders, promoting their cognitive and sensory development. Additionally, the Christmas theme adds excitement and cultural relevance to the learning experience, fostering a sense of joy and curiosity in children as they explore different shapes and patterns.

  • Christmas Themed Math Beads Addition Cards
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