Learning to Read Phonics Blends Silent ‘e’ Bundle


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These short vowels, long vowel blends, silent e, and consonant blends phonics resources would be a handy addition to your learning to read hands-on activities. Students are invited to identify words that have matching blends, sort them, read and match to the corresponding image, trace, and copy words included in the pack. These cards and worksheets would be also a great addition to your literacy centers and language area.


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Here is what’s included:

Picture cards x 311
Labeled picture cards x 311
Word cards x 311
Label cards
Sorting worksheet (blackline images for coloring, cutting, and sorting – 3 for each blend)
Coloring, word tracing and copying strips

Words featured in the bundle:

ai – mail paint rain snail rainbow
ay – hay pay ray tray crayon
ea – beads bean leaf, seal steam
ee – bee knee teeth tree wheel
ey – hockey key money turkey monkey
ie – tie pie die cries fries
oa – boat coat goat soap toast
oe – doe hoe roe toe tomatoes
ue – tissue glue cue clue barbecue
ui – suit fruit juice cruise bruise
long a – cage, cake, cane, cave, tape, wave
long i – dice, fire, five, kite, nine, tire
long o – bone, cone, hose, robe, rope, rose
long u – cube, fuse, mule, mute, prune, tube
au – caught daughter haul launch sauce
aw – claw crawl pay saw straw
ew – blew dew drew grew jewel
oi – boil coin point poison soil
oo – book foot hood hook wood balloon boot broom moon spoon
ou – cloud couch house mouse snout
ow – arrow blow bow elbow pillow clown crown owl shower towel
oy – boy oyster royal toy cowboy
bl – blender blimp blocks
cl – clip clock cloud
fl – flag flower fly
gl – glasses globe glue
pl – plane plant plug
sl – slide sloth slug
br – broccoli brush
cr – crab crayons
dr – dress drill drum
fr – fries frog fruit
gr – grapes grass
pr – present pretzel printer
tr – tree triangle truck
sk – skate skirt skunk
sm – smash smell smoke
sn – snail snake snow
sp – spider spinner spoon
st – stairs star stump
sw – swan sweater swing
ch – chain chair cheese cherry chest chicken torch watch bench
sh – shark sheep shell shirt shoe shovel bush dish fish
th – thermos thirteen thread three throne thumb bath mouth teeth
ph – phase phone photo pheasant pharaoh graph elephant dolphin
wh – whale wheel whisk whistle whisker wheelbarrow
a – pack, tack, sack, snack, crack, rack, back, stack, camp, ramp, stamp, damp, lamp, band, land, strand, hand, stand, sand, slant, pants, plant
e – neck, wreck, check, peck, deck, bell, cell, smell, yell, well, sell, spell, shell, tell, bend, send, spend, lend, blend, rest, test, chest, nest, vest
i – brick, lick, sick, wick, kick, click, stick, pick, drill, spill, gill, grill, swing, wing, sling, sing, ring, king, sting, stink, link, sink, wink, rink, drink
o – block, lock, sock, rock, clock, dock, stop, drop, crop
u- tuck, stuck, duck, puck, buck, truck, dunk, sunk, trunk, skunk, bunk, jump, pump, stump, grump, bump, swung, stung, sung, hung, rung, lungs.
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