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  • Germs and Hygiene Pack with a history of photography.

    The History of Photography Timeline

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    This history of photography timeline highlights the major achievements that determined the course of photography evolution in the world.

  • History of Transportation timeline montessori nature printables

    The History of Transportation Timeline

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    Enhance your Montessori classroom or home with this engaging Timeline of the history of transportation printable cards set. Perfect for your Transport Unit and Inventions Unit, this set includes 38 control cards, 38 timeline cards, and 38 picture matching cards.
    These cards not only help students learn about the history of transportation but also improve their understanding of time and technological progress. Ideal for visual learners, these printable cards provide a hands-on approach to learning and can spark curiosity and interest in the subject.

  • art history timeline

    Art History Timeline

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    Enhance your art history curriculum with these Montessori-inspired 3-part cards, perfect for teaching students about major art periods from Stone Age to Postmodernism and Deconstructionism. Each card provides key characteristics, major works, main artists, and a representative piece of art for the period. This comprehensive resource offers a visual overview of art history, helping students grasp the progression of styles and movements over time. And with the option to print in a whole-page format, you can easily create a stunning display in your classroom. Elevate your teaching with these engaging and educational cards today!

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