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  • peace around the world printable

    Peace Around the World – Multicultural Printable

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    Match up dress-up printable activity

  • children of the world counting puzzles

    Children Of The World Counting Puzzles

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    Students put the puzzles into correct numerical order.

  • people of the world dress up printable

    People Of The World Dress Up

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    This printable Peace Around the World – Multicultural activity is a valuable resource for teachers looking to incorporate cultural diversity and peace education into their Social Studies unit. Designed for children ages 3-6, this dress-up match up activity features traditional outfits from a variety of countries including Japan, Oman, India, Greenland, USA, The Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, Hawaii, Republic of Ghana, and Mexico. This material encourages group discussions about peace and the importance of embracing different cultures. Help your students recognize and appreciate diversity with this engaging and educational resource!

  • traditional costumes around the world printable

    Traditional Costumes Around The World 3 Part Cards

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    Enhance your classroom theme with these multicultural engaging and educational 3-part cards featuring people from around the world in their traditional outfits. These cards include a world map with highlighted continents for added learning opportunities. With 30 control cards, 30 label cards, and 30 picture cards, this printable resource is perfect for teaching about different cultures and countries.
    This comprehensive set is ideal for teachers looking to expand their students’ global awareness and appreciation for diversity. Perfect for homeschooling or classroom use.

  • Action Cards Spanish

    Bilingual Spanish – English Action Cards with Verbs

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    These cards are perfect for ESL/EFL teachers, as they provide visual aids for teaching verbs in English and Spanish.
    The photos are bright and engaging, making learning fun and interactive for young learners.
    Use these cards in various activities such as matching games, flashcards, writing prompts, and more.
    Help your students expand their vocabulary and language skills with these Action Cards today! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary grades.

  • I like the way you.. Montessori Nature. jpg

    “I Love The Way You..” Multicultural Cards

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    Are you looking for a fun and educational way to teach your students about multiculturalism and diversity? This “I Love the Way You” resource includes 26 cards featuring everyday activities children do around the world, showcasing the beauty and diversity of the human race.
    Use this resource as inspiration to create a “I love the way you…” book in your classroom, incorporating information about different cultures presented in an interactive and engaging way. Encourage your students to take photos or make drawings as they gather information about their friends, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for different backgrounds and traditions.

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