Kindergarten Math Sorting Matching Cards – Montessori Inspired


Math printable pack contains learning activities for kindergarten students. Children will have fun exploring quantities, patterns, practice logical thinking, size discrimination, and counting 1-10. Along with sorting, students will be categorizing and matching cards with familiar objects.

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This printable features gorgeous true-to-life clipart images.

Here is what’s included:

Small, medium, large – 8 sets of sorting cards
‘Find a Home’ – categorizing activity cards – bathroom, kitchen, bedroom ( 9 cards per category)
Greater than, less than (8 examples)
Grouping activity
Matching Numbers and Quantities (numbers 1-10)
‘Match Partners That Belong Together’ (10 pairs)
‘Complete the Pattern’ activity for recognizing patterns that occur in the natural world
‘Put Objects in the Right Order’ – cards for practicing logical thinking

42 pages

This pack is suitable for K, preschool students.

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