Toddler Action Words Vocabulary Cards


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These toddler verb cards are perfect for teaching young learners essential language skills in a fun and engaging way. Featuring 36 realistic photos of actions children do in their everyday lives, these cards are sure to captivate and educate your students. The culturally diverse images showcase children and adults from various backgrounds, making them relatable for all learners. Use these cards to reinforce vocabulary, encourage language development, and inspire imaginative play in your classroom. Perfect for early childhood educators, ESL teachers, and homeschooling parents.

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Here’s what’s included:
36 verb cards with realistic photos of actions children do in everyday life.

These cards can have several uses in a classroom:
Vocabulary development: Use the verb cards to introduce and practice new action words with young children. Show them the card and discuss what the person in the photo is doing, encouraging children to verbally label the action.
Memory matching game: Create a memory matching game with the verb cards by making two copies of each card. Mix them up and have children take turns flipping over two cards to see if they match. This can help reinforce vocabulary and memory skills.
Action charades: Use the verb cards to play a game of charades where children act out the action shown on the card while others guess what they are doing. This can be a fun and engaging way to get children moving and practicing their expressive language skills.
Storytelling: Use the verb cards as prompts for storytelling activities. Choose a few cards and ask children to create a story using the actions shown on the cards. This can help develop children’s narrative skills and creativity.
Sorting and categorizing: Have children sort the verb cards into different categories based on similarities in the actions shown (e.g. actions done indoors vs. outdoors, actions involving objects vs. body movements). This can help children practice critical thinking and classification skills.
Sequencing activities: Use the verb cards to create sequences of actions and have children put the cards in the correct order. For example, have children arrange the cards to show the steps in getting dressed or making a sandwich. This can help children understand the concept of sequencing and order of events.


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