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Pin Poking Activities And Free Printables

Pushpin (or pin poking) activity is one of the popular fine motor activities in the Montessori classroom. I would like to share with you different ways to use pins and

Oceania Australia Pin Flags Maps Montessori Nature Printables

Oceania Maps Blackline Masters Pin Flags

This resource contains colored and blackline maps of Oceania / Australia with and without labels. It can be used with various age groups and in many different contexts – for coloring, labeling, pinning flags, marking locations, etc. Small strip cards with 21 flags and labels plus capital cities are also included.

Preschool Native American Musical Instruments picture cards.

Native American Musical Instruments Picture Cards

Native American Musical Instruments: A Cultural Exploration
Immerse your preschool and kindergarten students in the rich cultural heritage of Native American music with this engaging resource! This printable bundle presents 16 different types of traditional Native American musical instruments, complete with realistic and accurate clipart. Designed to promote cultural awareness and musical exploration, this resource is perfect for introducing young learners to the diverse sounds and traditions of Native American music.