Animals of Europe 3-Part Cards Information Cards


Three-part cards for primary and lower elementary students for learning to identify animals of Europe. Primary students will enjoy matching the picture to the picture and the word to the word. Lower elementary students will learn more information about each animal by matching the picture to the word and to the information card.

The printable contains:
Twenty control, picture, label, fact and information cards
Animals included in the printable: common wolf, Eurasian hoopoe, capercaillie, hedgehog, red squirrel, European elk, brown bear, European bison,  Iberian lynx, wolverine, wild boar, pine marten, great egret, steppe eagle, sand lizard, asp viper, bottlenose dolphin, small tortoiseshell, European badger, common mole.
25 pages
This pack is suitable for K – Grade 1 students.
This printable is also included in the Study of Europe Bundle

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