Wetland Biome Pack


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Explore the fascinating world of wetlands with this comprehensive printable pack. This resource includes a variety of hands-on materials to engage your students in learning about the main characteristics of wetlands, different types of wetlands, wildlife, flora, fauna, adaptations, and more.

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Included Resources:

* Introduction poster to introduce students to the wetland biome
* Reading cards to improve comprehension and vocabulary skills
* Sorting cards and 3-part cards to classify different types of wildlife and plants
* Adaptation reading activity to promote understanding of plant and animal adaptations
* Information cards and research printouts to encourage independent learning and critical thinking


* Develops concentration, logical thinking, comprehension skills, and reading abilities
* Enhances students’ understanding of the wetland biome and its unique characteristics
* Supports learning in science, geography, and environmental studies
* Can be adapted to individual student needs and classroom requirements

What’s Included:

* Wetlands – introduction poster
* Characteristics of the wetland biome reading cards
* Animals of the wetlands – sorting cards and 3-part cards
* Animal and plant adaptations – reading activity
* Wetlands of the world – information cards
* Lake vs. swamp vs. mangrove – sorting cards
* Types of wetlands – 3-part cards and information cards
* My Wetland Biome Research printouts

This printable pack is perfect for teachers looking to introduce their students to the fascinating world of wetlands. With its variety of hands-on resources and engaging activities, it’s sure to be a valuable addition to your classroom!

This printable is a part of the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series. 


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