Sports Vocabulary 3 Part Cards

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Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your students sports vocabulary? Our Language Cards – Sports Vocabulary – 3 Part Cards are a comprehensive and interactive resource that will help your students learn new vocabulary and spelling in an interactive and engaging way.

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Key Features:

* 44 picture + label cards, 44 picture cards, and 44 label cards
* 9 pages for tracing and writing
* Editable PowerPoint file to create bilingual/multilingual cards
* Meets various learning objectives, including vocabulary, reading, writing, and classification skills
* Can be used as a vocabulary wall, display cards, memory game, matching activity, or 3 part cards
* Compatible with moveable alphabet

Vocabulary Covered:

* Sports, pedestal, balls, racket, start, goal, putter, finish line, bicycle, archery, coach, referee, Olympic Games, medal, cup, cricket, fencing, scoreboard, team, gym, stadium, fans, gymnastics, chess, hockey, swimming, wrestling, yoga, trophy, jumping, rugby, basketball, golf, soccer, baseball, equestrian sports, fitness, snowboarding, figure skating, skiing, football, Paralympian, volleyball, tennis

Key Features:

* Easy to use and customize
* Encourages active learning and engagement
* Develops vocabulary and spelling skills
* Can be used across multiple grade levels (K-12)
* Perfect for bilingual/multilingual classrooms


* PowerPoint software or Google Slides installed on your device
* Printer for printing the cards

Product Details:

* PDF file with 44 picture + label cards, 44 picture cards, 44 label cards, and 9 pages for tracing
* Editable PowerPoint file with customizable text and font style

Card Size:

* Label and picture card: 12×9.3cm or 4.7″x3.6″
* Picture card: 8.9×9.3 cm or 3.5″x3.6″
* Label card: 2.9×9.5 cm or 1.1″x3.6″


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