Seasonal Hands-On Activities for Montessori 3-6 Classroom Bundle


Seasonal printables were designed specifically for Montessori classrooms with a large variety of activities that cover different learning areas, such as geography, math – one-to-one correspondence, language – identifying the initial sound, reading, sight words recognition, classification, fine motor practice for students aged 3-6.


This bundle contains 4 packs with hands-on activities at a discounted price:

Winter Pack – Montessori Inspired Hands-on Activities

Spring Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

Summer Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

Autumn Pack Montessori Inspired Hands-On Activities

200+ pages in total
What’s included in the packs:
Seasons Around the World
Color sorting cards
Handwriting Practice
Science Activities
Three-Part Cards
Parts of Cards
Five Senses Sorting
I Spy Activities
1-20 Counting Activities
Lacing Cards
and more!

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