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Editable and customizable homeschool planner with daily and weekly planner templates for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and lower elementary students based on key areas of Montessori scope and sequence.  It can be used by families internationally with the option to choose Jan-Dec or Aug – July academic year.


Learning Area: Subjects and Types of Resources: , ,

This planner includes a Yearly Planner one and two-page spread 2024, 2025, and 2026 dated calendars. Every year you will receive a notification with the updated version. You can easily go digital! Upload PowerPoint slides to your Google Drive or Dropbox account and access them from any device. Pick and choose what suits your individual needs, customize and make it work for you.

250+  pages
Montessori Editable Homeschool Planner includes the following
Info Organisation Forms:
Note section – laminate and use it to write and wipe daily notes.
Family motto and photo
Important Contacts
Local museums, galleries, etc.
Password Tracker
Go-to resources
Curriculum list
Materials list
Shopping list
Daily Schedule
Extracurricular activities
Reading log
Planners forms:
Year at a glance (two options to choose from – academic year starting Jan OR August)
Monthly planner template – dated 2024, 2025, and 2026 one and two-page spread calendars (these include reflection form at the end of each month)
Montessori quotes within the design
Weekly two-page spread
Daily Schedule planner template
Two types of Weekly Schedule planner templates
Observation forms
Infant daily and weekly planner templates (Montessori scope and sequence areas)
Toddler daily and weekly planner templates (Montessori scope and sequence areas)
Preschool daily and weekly planner templates (Montessori scope and sequence areas)
Shelf work planner template
Gardening planner template
Room layout planner template
Lesson planner template
My Sanity List
Student forms:
Lower elementary students’ daily, weekly, monthly work plans form
Self-evaluation form
Project planner template
This planner comes in PDF (print and handwrite your information) and in PowerPoint (editable form). You won’t be able to edit your planner without PowerPoint installed on your computer. Alternatively, you can use Google Sheets online. 

Please note, that the Montessori scope and sequence are not built-in in the planner. You can access a free Curriculum Scope and Sequence PDF from the Montessori Private Academy website.

Here is what Amratha – a homeschooling mum has to say:

The planner which you have provided me with is very invaluable for me and my daughter. I thank you immensely for the same.

Since my daughter is a two-year-old, I have been using the toddler weekly planner, observations form and will be implementing the preschool weekly plan in another month. The well – defined topics mentioned in the toddler weekly plan has been very useful for giving a well – rounded stimulation needed for her developmental stage in a given week. The editable nature of the planner makes it easier to customize them for individual needs and preferences. The planner has also helped me sort and prioritize the overwhelming amount of information on the web. The observations form has helped me gain an insight into the level of mastery she is gaining in performing the activity she chooses to do. Right now she is obsessed with puzzles and lacing things! I have provided her with your winter-themed lacing printable, which she enjoys 🙂
Since I am not good with a lot of sheets, hence I have taken a print out of the required sheets and have laminated them. I can use an erasable marker to jot down and make a permanent recording in a separate book for the purpose. This arrangement is easier for me. In short, the planner is invaluable for any homeschooling family, whether they are following Montessori or any other curriculum. Additionally, I loved the thoughts – these words truly save the day many a time 🙂


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