Handwriting Practice Cursive and Print Worksheets – Animal Nomenclature Set


Student worksheets – printouts for handwriting practice. Print and cursive versions are included.

Animal Nomenclature Set with eight different animals for colouring parts of the body and tracing: parrot, snake, skunk, polar bear, orca, three-toed sloth, praying mantis, frog.


Print on A4 paper.  Invite a child to choose an animal, cut out each card, read each word, colour in the corresponding part of the body and trace it. Make a booklet. 

The printable includes:

handwriting and coloring worksheets  – print version with 8 different animals (22 pages in total).

handwriting and coloring worksheets  – cursive version with 8 different animals (22 pages in total).

The printable is suitable for children ages 3-6. Animal Nomenclature student booklet is a wonderful and effective way to encourage children to learn to write and an excellent addition to Zoology Study.

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