Free Printable – Chicken Life Cycle and Parts of a Chicken Embryo


This resource contains the Chicken life cycle poster, blackline masters, and 3 parts cards along with the Part of a Chicken Embryo poster and label cards.

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Often children enjoy learning new words and find scientific terminology like this fascinating.

We deal with chicken eggs all the time when preparing food. I can imagine that often students are curious to learn what it looks like inside if it does not end up on our table and continues to support the development of the chick.

This chicken resource contains posters, 3 part cards, and black and white masters for coloring and labeling.

Create hands-on learning activities for your students by pairing the chicken life cycle cards with the life cycle figurines (affiliate link).

This is a digital download. You need to have an up-to-date free version of Adobe Reader installed on your device to open and print this resource.

Enjoy and happy learning : ) 

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