Main Characteristics of Vertebrates Pack


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Introduce your students to the main characteristics of the five groups of vertebrates with this comprehensive and engaging Montessori printable!

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This set includes:

* 5 workmats with photographic and clipart images to describe the main characteristics of each animal class
* 30 description cards for matching and sorting
* 5 student booklets with main characteristics of the vertebrates (one for each class)
* 30 sorting cards for categorizing by animal class, main characteristics, or both
* 3 control charts for self-checking and assessment
* Label cards with characteristics and vertebrates

This resource is perfect for Montessori classrooms and traditional classrooms looking to incorporate Montessori-inspired activities. By using this printable, your students will develop a deeper understanding of the main characteristics of vertebrates and improve their critical thinking and classification skills.

Grade Level: K – 3

This printable is a part of the Nature Curriculum in Cards



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