Birds And Their Eggs – Nomenclature Cards


The printable features photos of birds and eggs. Each card set comes with a  photo of a bird + label, label card and a photo card of eggs including a picture of the bird that laid them. This makes it easier for children to connect the right picture of eggs to the right bird without assistance. Birds and their eggs nomenclature set features 16 different birds:  tit, robin, blackbird, quail, junco, wagtail, ostrich, crane, seagull, finch, swan, hummingbird, pheasant, serin, penguin, parrot.

Wild birds generally build their nest and lay eggs safe and high in the trees. Hence, it makes it harder for children to observe those in nature. This printable allows the students to learn about 16 different types of birds and their eggs and satisfy their curiosity.

Three-part cards are designed for reading practice and for learning new vocabulary, along with satisfying children’s curiosity about the natural world they are a part of and learn to appreciate nature and its treasures.

When printed and cut, the control card measures 10.5 x 8 cm, photo card – 8×8 cm,  label card – 8×2 cm

8 pages

The printable is suitable for children ages 3-6. Birds and Their Eggs 3-part cards are an excellent addition to Zoology and Nature study.

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