Biomes of the World Description, Animals, 3 Part Cards


Major Biomes of the World is a set of 3-part cards, information posters, and worksheets for students to learn about the major biomes of the world.  It includes a map, 3-part card activities, descriptions, follow-up coloring, handwriting, and sorting activities.

The printable features photographic images and clipart (as a part of student worksheets).

Major Biomes of the World Printable includes:

Map of World’s Biomes
Information poster What is a biome?
Work mats with eight major biomes (tundra, taiga, rainforest, desert, wetland, grassland, deciduous forest, ocean)
Corresponding picture and label cards
Two work mats with descriptions
Student printouts with clipart for coloring, print, cursive tracing fonts and blank for practicing handwriting.
Biome Research printouts
Biomes – sorting activity (three photographs for each of the eight biomes)
Animal habitats – sorting activity (5 animal clipart cards of each of the six biomes) and student printout for self-check
My Animal Habitat Book printout
40 pages

This printable is a part of the Nature Curriculum in Cards Series.

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