Bilingual Spanish – English Action Cards with Verbs


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These cards are perfect for ESL/EFL teachers, as they provide visual aids for teaching verbs in English and Spanish.
The photos are bright and engaging, making learning fun and interactive for young learners.
Use these cards in various activities such as matching games, flashcards, writing prompts, and more.
Help your students expand their vocabulary and language skills with these Action Cards today! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary grades.

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Here is what’s included:

  • 36 cards with realistic photos of actions children perform in everyday life
  • Vocabulary practice: Use the cards to introduce and practice action verbs in both English and Spanish. Have students guess the verbs based on the images or match the images to the corresponding verb word.
    Memory game: Print two sets of cards and have students play a memory game where they match the image cards with the corresponding verb cards.
    Charades: Have students select a card and act out the action without speaking while their classmates try to guess the verb. This can be a fun way to practice vocabulary and encourage movement in the classroom.
    Sentence building: Have students create sentences using the verbs on the cards. They can practice using the verbs in context and create their own sentences to describe the actions.
    Verb matching: Create a sorting activity where students match the verb cards to the corresponding image cards. This can help reinforce the connection between the action and the verb word.
    Storytelling: Have students create a story using the action cards as prompts. They can create a narrative that incorporates multiple actions and practice using the verbs in a cohesive story.
    Cultural discussion: Use the diverse images on the cards to spark discussions about cultural differences and similarities. Students can talk about how people around the world perform the same actions in their daily lives.

    These action cards can be a versatile resource for teaching vocabulary, encouraging movement, and fostering cultural awareness in the classroom.


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