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Pin Poking Activities And Free Printables

Pushpin (or pin poking) activity is one of the popular fine motor activities in the Montessori classroom. I would like to share with you different ways to use pins and

Oceania Australia Pin Flags Maps Montessori Nature Printables

Oceania Maps Blackline Masters Pin Flags

This resource contains colored and blackline maps of Oceania / Australia with and without labels. It can be used with various age groups and in many different contexts – for coloring, labeling, pinning flags, marking locations, etc. Small strip cards with 21 flags and labels plus capital cities are also included.

Flags of North America 3 Part Cards Blackline Master Montessori Nature Printable

Flags of North America 3-Part Cards Blackline Master

Three-part cards with North America flags. The corresponding cards include 1) the country’s map highlighted with red and the corresponding flag; 2) the country’s map outline and the corresponding flag.


summer pack

Summer Early Learning Pack

Get ready to bring the excitement of summer learning into your classroom with this comprehensive Montessori unit designed for children aged 3-6. This pack is packed with hands-on activities, three-part cards, student booklets, and more to help your young students develop essential skills in fine motor, number recognition, reading, and logical thinking.

baby prints

Cards for Low-Hanging Wall Art for Babies

These watercolor art cards are perfect for teachers, parents, and caregivers looking to engage babies and young children in an artistic and educational way. The vibrant colors and realistic designs will captivate little ones and provide endless opportunities for learning and play.
Print out these unique cards and watch as your child’s imagination and creativity soar while they explore the world of nature. These cards are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance early childhood development. With these beautifully designed cards, you can create a sensory-rich environment that will engage young minds and promote sensory exploration.

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