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Sharks 3 part cards description cards student book print cursive montessori nature printable

Sharks 3 Part Cards Description Cards Student Book

Dive into the world of sharks with these engaging and informative printable resources! Helpful to teachers looking to introduce their students to the fascinating world of marine life, this set includes control cards, label cards, cards with shark facts, and description cards for twelve different species of sharks. In addition to the main set, you’ll also receive a student book with blackline images for coloring and labeling practice in print, cursive, and independent writing. Plus, enjoy bonus materials such as an ovoviviparous shark life cycle poster, 3 part cards, coloring sheets, tracing strips, parts of the great white shark poster, labels, and tracing/independent writing activities.
These cards are designed to complement the Wild Republic Shark in Nature Tube, making them a perfect addition to any classroom studying marine biology.

Educational materials for children with vision impairment including printables and activities.

Educational Materials For Children With Vision Impairment

This resource is perfect for special education teachers looking to engage children with vision impairments in hands-on activities. The pack includes over 100 pages of printables and activities such as cutting/tracing, pin poking, animal matching/memory games, Matryoshka sorting/matching games, and more. The large, clear pictures with contrasting colors make it easy for children with additional needs to participate. These activities can also be done on a light table for added visual interest. Help create enjoyable learning opportunities for your students with this resource today.

Claude monet inspired process art for kids montessori nature activities (5)

Process Art for Children Inspired by Claude Monet

In today’s fast-paced world, where outcomes seem to overshadow the value of the journey, process art is a refreshing approach to nurturing a child’s development. Indulging in the wonders of

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