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Insects and Crawling Creatures Safari cards montessori nature 3 part information cards printables editable (1)

Insects and Crawling Creatures – Safari Toob 3 Part Information Cards – Editable

Enhance your insect and crawling creature unit with these engaging printables! Perfect for preschool, kindergarten, and grade 1 students, your little learners will love matching the Safari TOOB figurines to the corresponding pictures and objects with these 3-part and information cards. These printable cards not only reinforce object-to-picture matching skills, but also help children learn language and expand their vocabulary. They can also be used to teach about insects, invertebrates, and the changing seasons of Spring and Summer. Incorporate these resources into your lesson plans to make learning about bugs and critters fun and interactive.

Tot School Bundle.

Tot School Bundle

Enhance your little one’s learning with our Tot School Bundle, featuring engaging printable activities for children aged 3-5! Our hands-on themed packs, including Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and On the Farm, are perfect for building vocabulary and developing fine motor skills. Designed for Montessori classrooms, these activities encourage speech and language development while fostering concentration and classification skills. The bundle includes 21 printables, such as three-part cards for Safari TOOB, math counting cards, and practical life chore charts. Help your child broaden their horizons and have fun while learning with our Tot School Bundle today!

A set of Animal Tracks on a wooden background, perfect for Montessori classrooms and printable Safari Toob 3 part cards. Ideal for toddlers and preschoolers.

Animal Tracks Autumn Themed 3 Part Cards

Enhance your fall-themed lessons with these beautiful Animal Tracks Autumn-Themed Three Part Cards! This printable includes high-quality photos of animal tracks from a variety of wild animals such as bears, wolves, boars, hares, and more. Teach students about wildlife and engage them with this hands-on learning activity. Perfect for Montessori or nature-inspired classroom settings.

animal nomenclature set

Handwriting Practice Worksheets – Animal Nomenclature Set

Enhance your handwriting practice with this Animal Nomenclature Set! Perfect for children ages 3-6, this printable includes worksheets for coloring parts of the body and tracing the names of eight different animals. From parrots to polar bears, your students will love learning while having fun with these engaging activities.

patterns in nature

Patterns in Nature

Patterns in Nature cards for sorting 10 different categories of patterns found in nature: clouds, water, plants, animals, reflections, landscapes, corals, ice and snow, rocks, and trees.

Farm Pack Montessori Nature

Farm Pack for Preschool

The printable is made with hand-drawn watercolor clipart and has beautiful soft pastel tones.
These printables include 26 pages plus 2 pages with instructions.
Activities included: Silhouette activity, Preposition Cards, Vocabulary Cards, 3-Part Cards, Find the other half, Number Activity, Fine Motor pin poking activity, and Colour Wheel activity.

North America Montessori Nature Preschool Printable

North America – Preschool Activities

This North America Montessori-inspired printable can be helpful addition to your classroom. Filled with hands-on skill reinforcement activities like fine motor exercises, cutting practice, simple addition tasks, and tracing activities, this printable will engage your little learners while helping them develop important skills. Included in this pack are pin poking and tracing exercises, cutting practice sheets, color matching peg activities featuring North American flags, addition and subtraction peg cards, lacing cards for fine motor development, introduction to North America picture posters, and a sorting activity to learn about vertebrate and invertebrate animals of North America.

baby prints

Cards for Low-Hanging Wall Art for Babies

These watercolor art cards are perfect for teachers, parents, and caregivers looking to engage babies and young children in an artistic and educational way. The vibrant colors and realistic designs will captivate little ones and provide endless opportunities for learning and play.
Print out these unique cards and watch as your child’s imagination and creativity soar while they explore the world of nature. These cards are a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways to enhance early childhood development. With these beautifully designed cards, you can create a sensory-rich environment that will engage young minds and promote sensory exploration.

Australia Oceania pack montessori nature printable

Australia / Oceania Resource Pack

This Australia/Oceania unit study is a comprehensive resource pack designed to engage students in hands-on learning about the unique aspects of the continent. With 20+ introduction cards, maps, sorting activities, animal nomenclature cards, fact cards, and more, this pack covers cultural, geographical, and wildlife diversity of Australia/Oceania.Each resource is adaptable to individual student needs and classroom requirements, making it a valuable addition to continent boxes and art/cultural display areas. With engaging activities like sorting land and water forms, exploring the life cycle of a Koala, and learning about animals of the Great Barrier Reef, students will develop concentration, logical thinking, comprehension skills, reading, and more. Bring the beauty and wonder of Australia/Oceania into your classroom with this amazing resource pack. Perfect for educators looking to enhance their geography and cultural studies curriculum.

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