Montessori Nature eGift Cards


What is a Montessori Nature eGift card?

A Montessori Nature eGift card is a pre-paid online card that can be used for purchases with Montessori Nature. When purchasing an eGift Card on the Montessori Nature website simply nominate a dollar value to put on the card, choose a recipient, type in recipient’s email, write a message and pay for it as you would a regular transaction. It is delivered via email. These cards are fantastic presents for parents and educators as they can be used to make purchases online.

How do I use a Montessori Nature eGift Card?

Use your eGift card when purchasing printables at the Montessori Nature shop.

Locate your eGift card email, click ‘Redeem’. You will be redirected to the Montessori Nature store.

Add printables to your cart. eGift card balance will apply automatically.

Alternatively, you can apply eGift card value manually before you proceed to payment.

If you wish to send an eGift cards on a later date or give it in person

Address the eGift card to yourself.

Forward it to the recipient on a later date if needed.

Alternatively, print it and give in person.

Validity and expiry of Gift Cards

eGift cards are valid for 3 years from the date of issue. Any balance that remains on a card will not be available for use after the card’s expiry date.

What can I purchase?

You can purchase any printable sold at Montessori Nature.

Can I return or cancel my eGift card?

eGift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or canceled.

How do I check my Card balance and transaction history?

You can contact Anastasia at Montessori Nature to request this information.

Can I reuse my eGift card?

eGift cards can only be used once.

Are there any hidden charges or service fees?