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Art with Nature – Creative Nature Hunt for Kids

Preschool children have so many opportunities to learn simultaneously while playing outdoors. Nature provides us with endless inspiration to have fun and educational experiences and activities. It is a wonderful

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Let The Child Lead!

In this guest post Kris of Flockmen  shares great insight into the importance of child-directed play, and how we can provide the best platform for children’s free play and discovery. Are you always busy,

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Process Art for Children Inspired by Claude Monet

In today’s fast-paced world, where outcomes seem to overshadow the value of the journey, process art is a refreshing approach to nurturing a child’s development. Indulging in the wonders of

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Preschool Process Art Inspired by Kandinsky

In the world of early childhood education, the Montessori method has long been hailed for its emphasis on fostering independence, creativity, and exploration. One crucial aspect that aligns seamlessly with

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Montessori Inspired Art Appreciation Activities

Art activities play a crucial role in the development and education of young children, especially those in preschool. The Montessori method, known for its child-centered approach to learning, offers several