A set of printable multiplication tables with numbers on them.

Multiplication Charts – Free Math Printable

I hope you find these multiplication charts with numbers 1-9 helpful in your classroom. This free math printable contains color charts and greyscale charts for practicing multiplication facts and for

Montessori Math Tools and Materials including a set of cards with numbers on them.

Addition Clip Cards – Free Math Printable

Do your students enjoy working with clip cards? My children absolutely love incorporating pegs into their math work. I am very excited to share with you my new math freebie

A young girl engaging in a hands-on Montessori activity, learning to tell time, as she holds a clock in front of a colorful background.

Learning to tell time – Hands-On Ideas

I have noticed that generally, children get interested in clocks early on – before they are old enough to be able to read the analog clock all on their own.