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A vibrant collage of children's books adorning a cozy classroom book corner, perfect for fostering a love of reading among babies and toddlers in a Montessori setting.

Our Favourite Books for Montessori Toddlers

The Montessori toddler classroom is always filled with fantastic learning opportunities. Book Corner is a fascinating place for little ones where they can spend a great deal of time looking

Kid-Made Christmas Star Ornament montessori nature (1)

Kid-Made Christmas Star Ornament

Making crafts with children creates an opportunity for spending this oh-so-important and special one-on-one time with them. Creating a Christmas ornament inspired by a book is even more fun and

montessori nature recommendations book preschool (1)

40 Must-Have Books for Preschoolers

Children are very curious by nature, therefore,  I consider this list of books to be perfect for preschoolers. With absolutely gorgeous illustrations they give a wonderful presentation of the world

A little girl is enjoying nature and picking flowers in the grass.

What happens if every child picks a flower?

With great pleasure, I introduce to you an inspiring blogger, author, and nature lover Linda Åkeson McGurk of Rain or Shine Mamma. In this guest post, Linda offers a different perspective and

Amazing books about nature montessori nature recommendations (1)

30 Amazing Books For Children on Nature

When exploring outdoors children ask never-ending questions about everything they observe around. Nature and the environment that surrounds kids fascinate and draw them to discover with hands-on learning. Don’t you

Routine montessori homeschool preschool montessori nature

Routine For Our Montessori Home Preschool

It is not a secret that the child needs stability in life in order to feel secure. Order in life creates inner order and peace, something that lays the foundation

boy looking into magnifying glass

Quotes on Nature Steering Away From Nature Deficit Disorder

Today children need nature like never before. In nature, children get calmer, become carefree, move spontaneously, and regain a sense of wonder. However, nature-deficit disorder is becoming more real and prevalent. It is important to

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