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Safari toob cards farm baby animals montessori nature printable

Farm Babies – Safari Toob 3 Part Information Cards – Editable

This resource contains three-part and information cards with 11 examples of farm babies for the object-to-image matching activity.
The printable provides a set of cards with photographs of 11 different types of farm baby animals included in the Safari Farm Babies Toob – pony foal, donkey foal, horse foal, kit, kid, kitten, puppy, chicks, piglet, lamb, and calf.

Farm Safari Toob 3 Part Cards for oct-to-picture matching activity for toddlers and preschoolers in a Montessori classroom.

Farm Safari Toob 3 Part Cards

This resource contains three-part cards and corresponding information cards with twenty images for the object-to-photo photo matching activity. The printable features clear true-to-life images to complement the Safari Farm TOOB – tractor, trailer, barn, farmer, hay bale, pig, rooster, cow, horse, sheep, dog, hen, and fruit and the Safari Fruits & Vegetables TOOB – oranges, bananas, apples, pears, carrots, broccoli, corn, and artichokes.

Farm Pack Montessori Nature

Farm Pack for Preschool

The printable is made with hand-drawn watercolor clipart and has beautiful soft pastel tones.
These printables include 26 pages plus 2 pages with instructions.
Activities included: Silhouette activity, Preposition Cards, Vocabulary Cards, 3-Part Cards, Find the other half, Number Activity, Fine Motor pin poking activity, and Colour Wheel activity.

A set of cards with pictures of canadian animals and a canadian flag.

Canada Preschool Hands-on Activities and Printables

This All About Canada Country Pack provides an engaging and hands-on learning experience for preschool and primary students. This educational tool helps children learn about geography by exploring Canada, its

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